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Sales Order Conditional Approval - Help Required

Nov 22, 2016 at 01:44 PM


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Hello Experts,

I am trying to set approval process & is as below

Step 1: (1)Mr. Ram (Technical) & (2)Mr. Niketan (Commercial) are on same level & can approve sale order (there is no order need to maintain)

Step 2: Goes to (3)Mr. Jocob who is final authority. (this task generates only after first two approval


there are two sales unit India & UAE

Condition is when Sales Unit = UAE

Mr. Niketan should not get approval task, here there will be only two approvals are required

Step 1: Mr. Ram & Step 2: Mr. Jacob (No approval task for Mr. Niketan)

because UAE doesnt attract Taxes, Mr. Niketan need not to be bothered.

Please help how to achieve this through condition...


Vishal Kambare

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You have used incorrect Primary Tag. It should have been ABAP Business Workflow. Unless you use the correct Primary Tag, you wont get right guidance from the related experts.


Hello Sir,

I selected ByDesign as primary because i am using this product.

I am sure will get support from ByD experts :)

Is ABAP Business Workflow anyway connected to ByD product?


Hello Experts

Please assist with query....

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2 Answers

Harshal Vakil
Nov 22, 2016 at 03:31 PM

Hi Vishal,

In the Sales order approval, you can have multiple steps.

For example :

Step-1 Direct Approver -> Mr. Ram - For all sales unit

Step-2 Direct Approver -> Mr. Niketan - If sales unit is UAE

Step-3 - Direct Approver -> Mr. Jacob.

In this case step-2 will be triggered only when the sales unit is UAE. For other sales unit this step will not be triggered.

Can you check this approach.



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Hi Harshal,

tried multiple conditions but unable to get result.

Please see attached snaps1.png (approval condition) & 2.png (Sales unit)


when i created SO for Sales - Mumbai (Unit ID111012) still Step two approval task is created.

System : my337639

SO Doc ID : 4469 (with Mumbai S.Unit)& 4470 (with Dubai S.Unit)

Can you please check, if possible snapshot of condition :)


1.png (28.2 kB)
2.png (6.6 kB)

Hi Harshal,

Can you see my comment on 24th? please suggest any change (from given snaps)

Thank You.


Hi Vishal,

I will have to reproduce the entire scenario in our internal test system. I will check this and let you know.

Meanwhile, I will also try to contact an expert in this area to have a look on the questions.




Hi Harshal,

Thank you for initiating this.

Please let me know if you need Incident OR Logon credentials for same.

Latha SN Dec 02, 2016 at 04:48 AM

Hi Vishal

Try this,

Step 1: Direct Approvers – Add Multiple approvers as – Mr.X& Mr.Y

Add Condition : If Sales Unit Not Equal To UAE (ID)

The approval task goes to both Mr. X and Mr.Y if the above condition is true and anyone of them can approve

Step 1 : Direct Approvers –approvers as – Mr.X

Add Condition : If Sales Unit Equal To UAE (ID)

The approval task goes to only Mr. X if the above condition is true

Step 2: Direct Approver – Mr. Z

Until Mr. X/Mr.Y approves the approval task will not beavailable to Mr.Z



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Not Happening...


please see attached.