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Nov 16, 2009 at 03:32 AM

The Question Set about JDBC Adapter


Hello Experts,

I have some confusion about the JDBC Adapter as below, pls help me :

1. While the JDBC Sender Channel is executing the select statement then I interrupt it, if the ResultSet ought to have 5000

records, so I stop the Channel that it just can select 3000 records.

I wanna know if the 3000 records will go ahead to the Receiver Channel ?

2.If there are 7000 records ought to insert DB via JDBC Receiver Channel, but I interrupt the Receiver Channel when it is

running, now there are 4000 records have be insert DB (I know it doesnt commit, because I dont choose the option of

u201CAuto-Commit-Enabledu201D in the Communication Channel), then what will occur ??

a rollback? or commit? or other circs?

3.By the way, the sender channel have sent some Msgs but the receiver channel is stopped now, I dont wanna the

Receiver Channel getting the Msgs when start the Receiver channel, how can I get the goal?

THX for ur time and effort,