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Nov 13, 2009 at 03:55 PM

Performance problems


We have used Crystal 8, 10 and 10.5 without problem. After we upgraded our Crystal to CR2008 the performance problems started.

We have linked 4 word files ( with automatic update ) into our report ( report header, footer and some info texts ). Our application downloaded all the necessary files ( report, these word files and database snapshot files ) to %temp% folder. And everything worked.

After upgrade we have had several performance complaints. We read that we should use no printer option, so we had one sleepless weekend and changed our reports. That didn't help.

I give some figures. One simple report ( 3 tables, 1-3 records / table) and these word files:

report with no printer, over 1 minute

report with big multi functional Xeros, 2 minutes

report with small basic laser xerox, 45 sec

report printed to pdf, 4 minutes

previous realese with Crystal 10.5, 10 sec.

What has happened ?!? Are we the only company using linked documents or are we the only who has performance problems?