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MCLH report not showing values for some movement types

Nov 22, 2016 at 01:17 PM


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Hello All

MSEG-BWART = 105 have entries in the system. but while executing the report MCLH,for mvt 105 valaues are not coming.

When we execute the report MCLH for 105 mvt, no data is diplaying. where as 101,601mvt data is appearing in MCLH report.

I customized in "assin WM movement type references to IM movement types" for 105 mvt & customized "LE-WM interface to inventory management" for 105 mvt.

In MCLH, 105 mvt is displaying in F4 option for mvt.

when i checked the previous threads for MCLH, reason was table S091 not updated for 105 mvt. so i tried to add s091 table manually of 105 mvt document.then MCLH report values are displaying for 105mvt correctly.

So in this situation how to bring the data from MSEG-BWART= 105 into MCLH report. Actually business required this functionality. please advice.

Best regards

Pabbati Obulesu

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Nov 28, 2016 at 09:16 AM

MCLH is a Logistics Execution transaction to report movements in a warehouse.

MSEG table has movements from inventory management, MCLH reports on WM movements that are stored in info structure table S091.

In a standard SAP system the inventory management movement 105 (MSEG-BWART) is linked to WM Movement 101 or 999.

And since MCLH does not evaluate inventory management movements, you can't find the 105 as it does not exist in WM.

See your customizing in IMG > LE > WM > Interfaces > Inventory Management > define movement types

Here you link a IM movement to a WM reference movement and then the WM reference movement to a WM movement type.

And so your IM 105 gets replaced with a WM 101 (or 999)

A change in customizing only affects postings that are done after the change, old data in S091 is not automatically corrected and can't even be changed. Even a regeneration of the info structure would not help, since the movements (TOs) have been done with WM movement types 101 and 999

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pabbati obulesu Nov 28, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Hello Jurgen L

Thank you for your explanation.yes i agree,

It seems not possible of 105 mvt transactions to display in MCLH report.

Best regards

Pabbati Obulesu

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