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Nov 12, 2009 at 11:38 PM

PO release code change in the release strategy



I hope somebody can enligthen me with this issue of mine.

One of our previous PO releasers resigned so we have replaced him with another one in our PO release strategy setup. What we did is create a new release code (the old release code was not deleted). We then assigned this new release code as replacement to the code of the person who resigned. The result seems fine, we are able to release new PO using the new releaser code.

The problem is if we open an old PO released by the previous releaser, SAP displays that the PO was released by the new releaser. Can anyone explain if this is the standard behaviour of SAP given what we have setup? I don't think it is right to see old PO under the new releaser when they were actually released by a different person.

Thanks in advance for your help.