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Nov 12, 2009 at 10:22 PM

Formatting currency using display string


I have a currency that I need to display negatives with a CR at the end. I formatted the currency with the following formula in the display string.

if {BillHeader.Payments} < 0 then
     formula = CStr ({BillHeader.Payments}) + "CR"
     formula = CStr ({BillHeader.Payments})
end if

My problem is I converted the currency to string. I can't take out Crystal's formatting for the negative. As an example result I'll get:


when I need it to look like:


Is there any way to get rid of the parenthesis within the display string formula? I don't know very much VB so I hope this is easily fixed. Thank you.

Edited by: MarcieHennessy on Nov 12, 2009 11:23 PM