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Nov 12, 2009 at 11:01 AM

Merge of Workset Map iView



I have 3 in portal content 3 different roles ( R1, R2 and R3).

Every role has exactly one workset (R1_WS, R2_WS and R3_WS).

In each of this roles i have created one "Workset Map iView" (R1_IVOverview, R2_IVOverview and R3_IVOverview).

There are 2 cases Depending of the authorization.

Case 1: user has authorization for only one role R1 (no problem)

User can see the R1_IVOverview including the R1_WS

Case 2: user has authorization for the 3 roles (problem)

User see 3 iViews R1_IVOverview, R2_IVOverview and R3_IVOverview

To solve the problem i used the property "Merg ID" of the 3 iViews and it works.

My user see only one iView. But this "Workset Map iView" can´t find the worksets including.

I get always this Error:

0.0.1. Could not find workset location. Check the 'Relative Workset Location' parameter of this iView. ###

I tried to using the property "Relative Location" with out any success.

Could somebody kindly help!