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Nov 12, 2009 at 06:52 AM

Synchronous messages through Soap Adapter


Hi XI Guru's

In my scenario I am sending a synchronous soap message over soap adapter. Message flow is like

3rd Party Application --> XI --> SAP R/3.

My message do get processed in SAP R/3 and I do get response in SXMB_MONI as well as in Message Monitoring in RWB.

The return message for message f1bdf1d0-cec5-11de-a9c0-0050569626f6(OUTBOUND) was successfully passed to the waiting "call" thread.

2009-11-11 05:27:26 Information The message status was set to DLVD.

2009-11-11 05:27:26 Information SOAP: response message entering the adapter (call)

2009-11-11 05:27:26 Information SOAP: response message leaving the adapter

But still the response from XI does not reaches 3rd party application.

On digging the logs I found following message. Can this be an issue in XI which is blocking the reponse message from reaching the 3rd Party Application.( I tried posting the message through XML spy and I do get the response in XML spy.)

(Note : My XI Installation has central adapter engine)

#1.5 Worker [4]##0#0#Warning##Plain###Cannot send an HTTP error response [500 "Application error occurred during the request procession." (details: "The WebApplicationException log ID is [0050569626F6004200000D0800000B5000F66675B4B8DEA5].")]. The error is: *The stream is closed.*

+ at

Any help in this regard is appreciated .