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Nov 11, 2009 at 09:22 PM

Display a calculated key figure in the product view



Need guidance on the issue.

System - SCM 4.1


A macro populates a key figure "CSSS". (I am assuming CSSS is an auxiliary key figure because I do not see it in the SNP Planning Area but I do see it in the Planning Book)

The logic in the macro is = CSSS = SSS (If u201CSBu201D Type Safety Stock) or u201CDSSSu201D (MB type safety Stock).

SSS and DSSS are Time series key figures defined in the SNP Planning Area.

The requirement is to display that key figure (CSSS) in the product view. The solution approach is to

1. Copy the key figure values (CSSS) into another key figure, u201CCSSS_1u201D (possibly Order Type).

2. Allow that key figure (CSSS_1) to be displayed in the product view because of the order category attached to it. Though I am not entirely sure, I do recognize the fact that when a key figure comes into the PPDS world it may distort the planning results because the PPDS would create additional receipts on top of the receipts SNP heuristics has created to satisfy u201CCSSSu201D key figure. But that could be headache that can wait, because I am stuck at the very first step.

If you all think that the solution approach is possible, please clarify the following for me.

As of now, I am not able to get past the first hurdle, which is converting the key figure (CSSS) to an order key figure (CSSS_1)using a new macro. Is it possible? Without de-initializing the planning area.

Please help.



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