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Nov 11, 2009 at 08:31 PM

Bizarre behaviour w/ sorted metrics using CR4E (v2.0) and Crystal XI


First post here so go easy on me...

We are having a strange problem with sorted columns and grouping when rendering reports in CR4E (v2.0) on IE 7 with reports created by Crystal XI. Basically, when certain columns are selected to sort in the parameterized view(the sorts are parameterized group sorts), some of the groups are repeated with eronious data. The data is wierd because not only do the groups appear multiple times, but the metrics are incorrect, and the summing of the metrics are incorrect. This is not happening for every column being sorted, only certain ones.

I should mention that the summarized totals of all groups summed together is correct. The eronious data and incorrect addition only happens when one drills down through various groups and sub groups.

Are there known compatiblity issues with parameterized sorting in reports created with CRXI and being displayed in CR4E v2.0? I know that CR4E v1.0 did not even support parameterized sorting. Would Crystal 2008 solve this problem for us?

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