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Nov 11, 2009 at 06:28 PM

Flexible Dashboard



I am looking for a tool that can be used to select and place a series of analytics on to a dashboard. And for each of these analytics it shall be possible to filter based on a set of dimensions. If an analytic has been chosen twice for a dashboard the filtering shall be unique for each of these selections.

This can be accomplished as I understand it using our dashboard builder and our legacy analytics. But the analytics are being discontinued and the go forward strategy is Xcelsius and/or Strategy management. SSM is not an option for this case.

Hence an idea is to use Dashboard builder for this purpose using small Xcelsius flash files. But the problem is the filtering.

Another way could be small webi reports, but again the filtering is the problem. When I select a webi report twice and apply filtering to one of them, this filterring is applied on both DBO elements.

Anyone have a suggestion for me?

Best regards