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Nov 11, 2009 at 06:01 PM

Partner dependent actions


Dear CRM experts,

I would like to set up the following Action: on a Service Ticket when the Responsible Group is changed to a specific Responsible Group, trigger an email form to be sent to the email address maintained in the BP of that Responsible Group.

Here is what I have done but the Action is not being executed:

1) In the IMG I have first defined an Action that is partner dependent in Partner Determination for Action. I have then set up my Partner Function to be the Responsible Group.

2) I have setup Permitted Processing Type of Action to be Method - which will populate the field in the form and send the form to the email address that is in maintained in the BP of the Responsible Group.

3) I have assigned my new Action to the action profile of the Service Ticket

4) In Define Condition I double click on Action Profile for Service Ticket in Scheduling of Actions. Then in field Partner Number in Overview tab I enter the Responsible Group number that I want the action to be dependent on.

When I raise a Service Ticket and change the Responsible Group to be the one defined in Partner Number under Define Condition, the email is not triggered, I get an error saying the Action cannot be executed

Could someone tell me if I am using the Partner Function field correctly in Define Condition, can I use that in combination of processing type Method? Or should I be using a Processing Type of Smartform with subsequent Class and Method implementation?

Thanks very much for your help!