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Nov 11, 2009 at 12:41 PM

BI 7.0 works fine in SAP ABAP trial 7.01 with IDES 4.7 as R/3 source pt 1.


Hi all

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Hi all

For those interested in running BI 7.0 on their OWN laptops etc the trial abap 7.01 works fine -- don't

download the latest version (sr1) as it takes AGES and is very resource hoggy. Also you'll need to

change some parameters in the start up on the latest version as it doesn't have enough paging space so a

load of transactions will dump. The trial 7.0 (NON SR1 version) doesn't have the problems.

What I've done is the following

1) create 2 virtual 2GB W2K3 server virtual machines on a HOST Windows 7 X-64 machine (8GB RAM). If you

don't have 8GB RAM then make your VM's 1GB - they'll just about run or use two machines (bettere) on a

LAN say a laptop and a desktop.

2) install IDES (SJ1) on one of the virtual servers (I'm using IDES 4.7 as my R/3 system as it has the

PI content enabled) and the ABAP trial (NSP) on the other server.

3) install the FULL SAPGUI (7.0) on either host machine - doesn't matter which one - use the one

you'll do your work from.

You need the FULL sapgui - not the one supplied in the trial as it will dump when you try and create a

BI Transformation on the ABAP trial machine - there's a litttle piece missing.

4) create RFC connections between the two SAP systems - use IP address or hostnames. Client 001 is the

client on the ABAP trial where BI is installed. On the IDES clients 800/810/811/812 are available --

take your choice -- most use 800 I believe.

added 2nd part on next post