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Nov 11, 2009 at 10:07 AM

Performance issue with a PI System



I am currently doing my Master Thesis, which is about a Software Experiment comparing performance between two "architectures" in SAP.

However, I am getting some unexplained pauses in the PI system, which I don't understand. I am not sure, whether this is a problem with the settings or a problem with the PI system itself (there might be a reason for the pauses), but the pauses are skewing the results and therefore the survey.

The scenario is this:

A number of XML files is placed on one system, and we want to extrapolate data from these files and insert the data in a database on another system.

The servers are all 3 GHz servers (4 cores), with 16 GB ram. The "file system" and the "database system" are both running SAP 6.0, while the PI system is running 7.0.

Architecture 1 - Two servers:

We use an ABAP program and a XSLT transformation to extrapolate and transfer data from the system with the files to the system with database. An experiment with 10.000 files took 191,879 seconds.

Architecture 2: - Three servers:

The same servers are used as in Architecture 1, however a PI System is used to extrapolate and transfer the data from the system with the files to the system with database. I am using a File Adapter. An experiment with 10.000 files took 728,53 seconds.

This is quite a bit longer and the reason for this can be found in the timestamps used to calculate the time. Each piece of data gets a timestamp from each server, an a example can be seen below:







As you can see there is about a 3 sec pause, and this pause occurs once every 20-30 files. Can you point at any obvious reasons for this small pause?

As I am learning PI is a complex system, so I am pretty sure you need more information about how the system was set up, unless the answer is simple. I am of course, more than willing to supply more information, so that I might get a correct evaluation of the performance of the PI system, however I am not sure what kind information you want. Because of the complexity of the system, a full description of the set up and the settings would transform this post into a novel.

Best Regards and thank you in advance!