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Automatic Quality Score based on Acceptance and rejections

Hi Experts,

I'M new to MM and QM,Could any body please guide me how to configure the QM system so as to get the Automatic quality score in quality inspection.

For Eg :- recieved 100 goods,

Accepted 60 goods,

Rejected 40 goods,

Then the Quality score should be 60, because acepted 60 out of 100 good,

I will be grat full if any body can guide me on step by step procedure with t-codes.



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3 Answers

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    Nov 11, 2009 at 08:20 AM

    Dear Kumar

    IN normal cases UD Quality score is based on Selected set codes. In this case individual codes will have individual scores. so based on the UD code selected system will automaticaly take the score

    No if you want to get the quality score based on % rejection then it is not available in standard. But there is work around which can be use . As you are new QM this might be bit dificult to understand but you can try this out

    The share of scrap for No of defects can be used in your case. Make the following setting

    1) Make a Qualitative Mic (QS21 ) and select in control indicator no of Defects and Share scrap. Do not chose Characteristic attribute in this case

    2) In inspection plan (QP01) insert this MIC and in the general setting choose Fraction calculation - 20 Poisson distribution

    3) create an inspection lot with quantity 10 . In result recording you will get no of defects to enter. You enter the no of defects and accordingly in Usage decision you can see the share of scrap and quality score. You can continue to do with differnet lot quantities

    The share of scrap which comes in usage decision screen has a close relation to the % rejected (no of defects)

    I checked how the share of scrap formula but couldnt get through . I think It is dependent on Poisson distribution . You can use this exit to make is according to your need : QEVA0002 |Calculation of share of scrap in inspection lot

    Quality score is also determined with share of scrap , with a formula. you may check this function module for the formula

    KQD_LOT_SCRAP. Or if you think the share of scrap can be direclty taken as quality score then a small development of this FM can be help you ingetting that . KQD_COPY_REFERENCE_FORM

    you might have to take the time of ABAPer for this

    Please let me know your comments



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    Nov 11, 2009 at 08:22 AM

    Automatic Quality Score updation as per system default is through Usage Decision Codes.

    When we define Selected Set, we need to assign some score value for updation of Quality Score through QS51 T-Code.

    Against each of the code you may have your own score as per the Client's Requirements.

    In standard the scores for A is 100 and R is 1. There is no quality score procedure available as per your suggested example. For that you might need to define new Quality Score Procedure with developed Function Module attached to it.

    My suggestion would define codes with scores assigned as per the requirement for Selected Sets.

    Best Regards,

    K. Raghavendra Nayak

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    Nov 11, 2009 at 08:23 AM


    One thing I can suggest you that while creation of catlog code & selected set of catalog type 9,better to create them as

    AP1:Accepted partially with 10% rejection -score : say 60

    AP1:Accepted partially with 20% rejection -score : say 50

    AP1:Accepted partially with 40% rejection -score : say 40

    AP1:Accepted partially with 50% rejection -score : say 30

    etc etc

    This will be In addition to that of A Accepted fully :100

    R Rejected fully 🤯

    I hope this will add some value

    Automatic determination of score is not possible as per my knowledge As stock posting & UD are/can be 2 diff activities.



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