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Oct 27, 2018 at 02:35 PM

Material ledger concept for Production


Hello SAP gurus.

Could you please advice me in the following concept.

I have company which produces SFG and FG. We use Product cost collectors for SFG and FG, and also we use BOM's and Rate routings for that. Row Materials (RM) are valuated with MAP (V), SFG and FG with Standard price (S)


During the period some of the FG are sold to customers, and some stays on stock.

In the end of the period variances for FG and SFG are calculated in KKS6.

So, I need to have SFG and FG with its actual cost, revaluate Stock account and COSG account with actual costs depend on haw many of FG was sold, and how many stayed on stock. And also the big problem is that SFG should be build in FG with its actual price, so I need to tell the system somehow, that SFG variances in the end of period need to be moved to FG level.

For example:

SFG(stand price)=RM1+RM2+RM3=100+200+300=600. 2 pce of SFG produced in the period, so 2*600=1200 delivered to stock during PP backflush

FG (stand price)=SFGstd +RM4+RM5=600+400+500=1500. 2 pce of FG produced in the period, so 2*1500=3000 delivered to stock during PP backflush

As Row material have MAP (V-price), so during the period the price for RM increased to 10%

So, SFG (actual)= (110+220+330)*2pce=1320. The variance for SFG is 1320-1200=120.

SFG has S-price, so it included in FG with standard price during PP backflush

FG (actual) = (600+440+550)*2=3180. FG variances is 3180-3000=180.

1pce of FG was sold in period, so I have posting: Dt(COGS Acc) - Kr (stock Acc) with FG Stand price value 1500

So, in the end of the period I need:

to move SFG variances to FG level, so FG actual will be (600+120+440+550)*2pce=3420 instead of 3180.

As 1 pce of FG was sold, so COGS acc need to be debited additionally with 210 (difference between std price of FG=1500 and 1710 as it actual price including act price of SFG)

1. Is Material ledger good in such scenario? Al least for reporting and information purposes.

2. Is it possible in this case to activate material ledger and have Row Material (RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4 RM5) with MAP (V-price) and without ML flag in material master, and at the same time SFG and FG with S-price and active ML flag in material master. Row materials and FG and SFG are on the same plant.

3. IF 1st question answer is YES, could you please shortly describe, how material ledger scenario could be done in this case

Sorry for so long question

Thank you in Advance