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Nov 10, 2009 at 03:31 PM

Bind multiple fields to one node in data view


I have a need to have an interactive form where data from a single data source is displayed in multiple fields on the form. In addition these fields are open for input. I have bound the multiple fields on the form to one node in the data view. The data is being displayed in the multiple fields. This form is being routed thru workflow so various agents are updating the form. The problem that I am having is that the form only seems to allow input in the first field on the form but not the other fields that are tied to the same data source. For example, field A and field B are bound to node SUMMARY. I can add/change/delete data in field A but not in field B. After I have done some entry in field A, I can then sometimes make changes in field B. We have a requirement that field A be enabled for agent #1 but field B is invisible. Later in the workflow, agent #2 needs to make final changes on a "summary" page so agent #2 had field B enabled.

Does anyone have any idea how to correct this data entry issue so that data can be entered into either field that is tied to a single node?