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Oct 26, 2018 at 05:01 PM

rsrt technical information Red light on structure



I am building a report with a very large structure. I researched all the limits but i was looking at the tech information and the light is red. I can't seem to find out what red is telling me. I don't want to keep building if this means it will not work :). Any help is greatly appreciated. The bold line has a red light by it.

Statistics Number Max. InfoProviders Involved in the MultiProvider 1 FEMS Number (Selection Groups) 475 8192 Number of Elements in Structure 1 2 9999 Number of Elements in Structure 2 477 9999 Combined Number of Cells (from both Structures) 954 50000 Selection Lines 950 Columns in Memory Table SP 474 Free Chars. 13 Basic Key Figures 1 Formula Components 476 Hierarchies 1 Hierarchy Node 451 Variables 3