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Nov 10, 2009 at 02:00 PM

PLD - transaction journal report


I would like to add the foreign name of the account used on each transaction line - not the first line.

i have read the XLS file with the system variables but no description for the transaction journal report.


i have added 2 text fields : each one is declared as a system variable : 84 and 85 (just tried it out)

84: control account

85: account name

i added a new text field - database table OACT; field account code which i relate to the 84 systems variable

then again the new field - database table OACT 'foreign name'

neither of the 2 last fields are printed

we tried the ALT+ select table; we tried via the JDT1 table ....

can someone test this out and tell me how to add a field from another table.

thanks philippe