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Nov 22, 2016 at 11:43 AM

How to delete workbook in EPM?



Running embedded BPC 10.1, using EPM within Excel.

We would like to delete some workbooks from our live environment as a tidy up. Some are no longer required whilst some have been inadvertently duplicated by users copying and pasting between folders.

Error we get when we try to delete from the EPM addin suggests having to put an entry into RSBPC0_TR_DELETE table. Full error below:

No request avaiable for deletion. Register it in RSBPC0_TR_DELETE

Can anyone elaborate on this message and indicate what needs to be done to allow us to delete?

Might be worth noting that some of the forms we want to delete dont exist in our development system (or we may want to keep them there), so doing a deletion in dev and transporting up isnt really an option (if that is the approach that would need to be taken).