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Nov 10, 2009 at 11:12 AM

Wage Type is not Displayed in Window 4 of Payslip


Hi All,

We have Problem in our Payslip, while printing the payslip, the system is not printing the PERKS in the Window 4. As per the new Income Tax Budget, the Superannuation contribution above 1 lakh is treated as PERKS, to meet this requirement we have done followings Steps :-

1) Created Wage type ( 1P06 ) by Copying Existing Wage code ( 1P05 ) , for storing Perks Value. 2) Created Wage type ( 9P06) by Copying Existind Wage code ( 9P05) , for Printing Perks Value in Payslip in Window 4 ( TEXT and Value ) 3) In T-code PE51 we added the Wage type ( 9P06 ) in Window 4 .

After doing the Above three Steps, When we Simulate Paysip, the system is not printing the Perks ( Superannuation ) in window 4 but it is Calculating the Perks Value and Adds the same in Gross Income. The Only Problem is of Displaying he Supperanuation Perks and the Value in Window 4 of Payslip.

Please suggest ... Thanks in Advance. Nilesh Labde 9869284146