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Nov 10, 2009 at 09:01 AM

Workaround on all the limitations of Qualified Lookups, Multivalued Tuples.


Dear Experts,

As we all know, there are lots of limitations on Qualified Lookups in MDM 5.5 and also in MDM 7.1....

1) Can't write Assignments...

2) Failed validation won't specify which qualified link has failed.

3) Compare records won't show link wise comparison of qualified links.

4) Can't start qualified link level workflows.

5) Role level constraints not applicable for Qualified lookup and tables referencing from QL directly or indirectly.

6) Qualified link level check-in check-out operations are not possible.

7) Qualified link level unique constraints are not possible (this becomes pain if links get duplicated by mistake)

8) Duplication of QL link is not allowed in data manager (for copying Qualifier values in new Qualified link).

9) Tuple is replacement for qualified lookup, but its more restrictive than QL (validation are not allowed on multivalued tuple).

10) ....... many more (which might have discovered by you all)

What if we make all the qualified lookups as main table and link those table to actual main table using Lookup [ Main] field type?

Well it will restrict the data analysis objective which is one of goal of Master Data Management...

But this will solve all the problems and limitations due to Qualified Lookup or Multivalued Tuple!

I think its feasible and technically possible 😊 (But only in MDM 7.1 onward)

How is the IDEA !!!

Thanks & Regards,

- Shailesh.