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Oct 26, 2018 at 03:38 PM

SCP Open Connectors Authorization header



when CURL'ing my newly created open connector instance I must provide an Authorization header:

This header consists of my User and Organization secret as well as unique connector instance id (I guess).

To access the connector from my Fiori application Divya Mary in her blog offers to hard-code the Authorization header with my credentials.

Question 1: what if I want to provide the fiori application User's credentials instead of mine (as I'm a creator of a connector but not the expected user).

Question 2: this specific format "Authorization: User XXXX, Organization XXX, Element XXX", how does it work with other SAP Cloud Platform services in terms of Authentication? For example I'm still trying (with no luck) to create a destination from SCP Mobile Service to SCP Open Connector instance and the problem is in Authorization header.

There's one workaround by using SCP API Management Service as described here but I find this solution a huge overkill for just inserting one header into a request.

How to provide proper authorization credentials to Open Connector Service without doubtful code manipulations with request headers?

Thanks in advance.