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Nov 09, 2009 at 08:00 PM

Multi Billing Process


SD process for our core revenue-generating activities:

Contract u2013> sales order u2013> billing

o We want to streamline our billing process to incorporate some billing activities currently done in FI-AR into SD.

o Business activity u2018Xu2019 is currently billed out of AR (FB70). We want to change the process by billing it out of SD, as a separate billing document (not to be mingled with the core billing).

o If we modify the contract document, identifying a field (e.g. additional data screen) to capture/indicate that business activity, we want to spill out a separate billing document (different sales document type).


1. Can we have two different sales order types (document types) assigned to the same contract? That is, can the same contract information be copied into two different sales document types?

2. Based on my test findings, we can have only one contract type/sales order/billing type per sales organization. Am I correct on this?

3. Anyone have any suggestion to the approach of this issue?