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Nov 09, 2009 at 12:13 PM

Problems with rounding numbers using CR-2008



We have upgraded from Crystal Report 10 to Crystal 2008. Aftre upgrading we have an issue with regard to rounding of numbers. In the reports designed in the previous version, we aredoing the rounding for numbers by giving a custom format using the format objetc editor. Here the rounding is selected as .01 and formula is written to round accroding the decimals of the currency which can change at runtime. The formula used is: tonumber(currency decimal datafield).

This works fime with crystal report 10, but when the same report is run using CR-2008, it always rounds to 2 decimal places and ignores the formula. To rectify this we need to change the default in the rounding to .001. My question is, that if we need to do this, what is the use of the formula?.Why is the formula being ignored. It works in the case of the number of decimals to be shown. We have a lot of reports that has this problem with CR-2008.Is there any easy way of solving this?