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Settings thru Trans variant (SHD0)

Hi Friends,

We need to edit account assignemnt data for 20% of people in Service Entry Sheet(ML81N)

and we need to have not editable mode for 80% of people in Service Entry Sheet(ML81N), account assignemnt data.

I try to do this with SHD0 but couldn't succeed.

I created two Z transactions & made transaction variants differently. But when I try to activate it is acceptoing only one.

Is there any other way of doing it ? Does any one succeeded with this type of scenario. I tried with many permuations & combinations, but couldn't succeed. I could able to create one set of screen variants & assigned to transaction variant. But when I am trying to make another set of screen variant for the same same screens with differnt name it is showing correctly i.e correct screen is not coming or become not editable mode. I could not able to create in that scenario.

I created transaction variant and assigned to variant group(assigned to user, set proposal). after that assigned to new transaction code. I even tried with assigning to std.variant.

SHD0 is common transaction SD People also might be knowing. Pls. reply.


Sai Krishna

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Nov 05, 2009 at 06:45 PM

    Hi Sai

    Take help of ABAP consultant ,Use the program of ML81n SAPLMLSR. create a new Program by copying this program ,u can just make it a z program T. code SE38 .Create a new t.code say ZSES , Then assign new screens or assign screen variants to your new Transaction,and give selective authorization of the same to users.

    I think this will help.



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    • Hi Friends,

      I solved the issue. You can do in the following way.

      Please see this wiki for useful :


      Go to SHD0

      Enter the transaction code - Enter the transaction variant YXXX under transaction variants tab

      Create - the transaction variant. When you back after creating .... Save all the screens and do a syntax check - this will take you to different screen - Just execute and come back

      You should now be in SHD0 with your transaction code as well as transaction variant.

      Now, go to 'GOTO' on application tool bar - Create transaction variant. Do not check 'Inherit GUI attributes' under classification and check all under GUI SUPPORT

      Execute your newly create Ytransaction

      Go back to SHD0 again and repeat the same process but enter different name than previous one. do the exact same process.

      Create new transaction which means enter different transactio name like if the previous one is yxxx1 ... create this as yxxx2.

      After alll,

      You will have three transaction codes

      One is standard one which is sap delivered



      You can take the standard transaction from every user or who you dont want to give by removing the authorization from user master (talk to security people)

      Thats all..

      You can not create YXX1 with two transaction variant.


      Sai Krishna