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Nov 05, 2009 at 12:46 PM

Export Parameters in Parameterized Message Mapping does not work.


Hello, XI-Gurus!

I have a question: how to use an EXPORT parameter in Parameterized Message Mapping? seems it does not work...

(I use XI / PI 7.1)

For example, I have a follow scenario: a large message comes to XI from one BS (message contains a lot of rows), then this large message splits to some small messages (something about 1000 rows in one small message), and send small messaeg one by one from XI to second BS. So, after receive step I use a transformation step with Parameterized Message Mapping to get a total amount of rows in large message (it needs for making condition for loop in IP, for example). I want to use an EXPORT parameter to pass this number from Parameterized Message Mapping to Integration Process. How can I do it?

Of course, I know the way to how to make this scenario without any parameterizing, but I want to use exactly "Parameterized Message Mapping" like it writes in this help:

This topic contains something about procedure how to use an EXPORT parameter, but this procedure does not work. I don't understand how to write this UserDefined Function, which I can set any export parameters.

I read this blog:


this blog has NO solutions about EXPORT parameters. about IMPORT parameters - everything OK.

Some topics about how to use export parameters in MM in this forum marked as "answered", but this is not true.


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