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Oct 24, 2018 at 02:11 PM

Work Status configuration Embedded


Hi all,

We want to implement WS functionality in BPC Embedded:

Our WS is configure like this:

Controller by Manual Entry

Unlocked --> Onwer and Manager All

Open --> Onwer and Manager All

Sent to Corporate --> Manager Manager

Sent to board --> Manager Owner

We have locking dimension Country. Here we have defined the next hierarchy:




C001 -->SPAIN | TEAM_SPAIN (User A and B)

C001_977 -->BASQUE COUNTRY |

9700 --> CLIENT1 |

9701 --> CLIENT2 |

9705 --> CLIENT3 |

D --> USA


First steps:

TEAM_SPAIN, is going to change WS from Unlocked to "Open", They select "C001" (with all descendants). Here, this team can introduce data in all CLIENTx.

Then these users must to change WS from Open to "Sent to Corporate" . They select "C001" (with all descendants). Here, the TEAM_SPAIN can introduce data in all CLIENTx.

The question is that if C(Europe) member and their child are in step "Sent to Corporate" (previously changed) and the "User C" want to change data in the corresponding Analisis for Office template tthe system give us and information popup like " Data slice '9997' protects the characteristic combination (RSPLS_CR-019, BEQ):" As you can see, "User C" is Manager of all children but it is not possible to change data.