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Nov 04, 2009 at 09:45 PM

ccBPM problems


Hello Everybody,

I have a problem, at this moment i don't know how to solve it. The problem is the next.

there is an interface between SAP ECC and legacy system, this interface had an Integration Process (ccBPM).

How does it work?, well, by means JDBC sender adapter, the CC do the polling to a table looking for rows


if there are rows, take the rows and send them passing by the ccBPM to SAP ECC, but if there aren't rows the interface doesn't execute. In the configuration, the receiver determination has a Local Rule


if the condition is valid, the message will pass through the Intregration Process, in other case (if TOTAL is 0) not.

The problem is that the interface has been executed, the communication channels are Inactive (it can't do the polling), in theory the interface shouldn't be executed, but only the last step of the ccBPM (where the message is sent from de ccBPM to ECC) is executing sending a message to ECC. In the sxmb_moni, there are lot of messages to ECC and ECC manage an alert that send mails to somebody, until now 5000 mails was sent!!!. And the interface is working rare.

Why inside of the ccBPM only the last step is sending a lot of messages to ECC, doing that ECC send a lot of mails. It shouldn't pass because the CC's aren't executing the interface, how i can cancel this message?