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Nov 04, 2009 at 04:34 PM

Failed Install. DLL's not registering. Silent or Manual Uninstall?


BOE XI 3.1, SP2, FP2.1

Windows 2003 ENT SP2

I silently installed BOE XI 3.1, SP2, and Fix Pack 2.1 (Using a batch file, in succession with no restarts.) It seemed at first the install went off without a problem, but for whatever reason, there are 4 dll's which refuse to register (manually as well) and 3 servers which will not start (connection services, webi, etc). The error log did not catch any problems.

Now I am faced with the uninstall to reattempt an install, but the SP2 uninstall is taking too long (validation alone is taking 3+ hours). Our machines will not stay logged in that long due to our networks policy. I also noticed that the cnxsvr.dll (one of the failing dll's) is of a different version than that which is installed on our client machines with the BOE Client Tools SP2, FP2.1. The client machine has a version of and the server version (SP2, FP2.1) has a version of Each has the same creation timestamp.

My questions are:

What would cause the dll's to not register?

Why are the same dll's showing different versions between the client tools and the server?

Is there a command that will silently uninstall the service pack?

Can I manually delete all traces of BOE and start fresh? (delete all folders/files, all BOE registry entries, and manually delete the services? And did I miss any important things to "delete"?

Which approach is recommended?

Thank you!!