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Nov 22, 2016 at 09:31 AM

in search window how to restrict retrieve(retrieve only one page and wait other page?


I search in windows (that contain dw retrieve its data from sqlserver database)either by using argument or filter

if there are 5000 rows(for example) that satisfy search criteria

i don't want to retrieve all rows that satisfy search criteria , i want to retrieve only first 50 rows and display it in window - (as database is on web) and displaying (in bottom of window ) numbers to indicate there are other output pages for search (i can not use retrieve as neede as i had sor and search may lock table in multi user whene retrieve rows as needed

when user click (for example no 3 dw begins to retrieve the third page according to search criteria and if user click no 9 dw begins to retrieve the 9th page according to search criteria)

how can i do this (with out using rows as needed as i had sort and in multi user it may lock table)

as for example any page on web that you search for specific product in amazon as shown below

as seen in the last line of amazon enter image description here


amazon.png (57.6 kB)