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Nov 04, 2009 at 11:37 AM

LSMW for Infotype 0167(Health Plans) with dependents


Hi All SAP HR & LSMW experts,

we are creating two seperate recordings for IT167 one for only employee and other for employee with dependents

my issue as follows:

I am trying to create LSMW for IT 167 with depents(Employee & partner.Employee & family & single parent) information, whille recording i am getting a different screen (when compared to the screen what we get in PA30) for dependents information while recodring.

because of that i am not able to record the depents infornmation.

even i ahve tried doing recording SHDB ,but the correct screen is coming only when we check that not batch recording check box. but if need to use the recording in LSMW it should be batch recording.

Can anyone advice me why this happening and how can i over come this.