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Oct 23, 2018 at 08:53 AM

SAP C4C Deleopment of ext. Fields: KUT vs. SDK


Hi Experts and ABSL programmer,

when I started to develop ABSL Code using the SDK my collecgues told me, that best practices is, to use the SDK to add new extentions fields to my BO's and drag them in the masterlayout to the desired location.

Now we have 1811 and I would like start the discussion again, if this is still the best practice? What does SAP says to to this discussion?

Pro SDK :

- One source of truth: in the code you can see your BO as well all extention fields

- deployment of code including ext fields

Con SDK:

- a lot and painfull work, to add the fields to webservices, reports, forms, etc.

- no visual support to drag & drop the field on the place the user wants to add it

No it's your turn :-)