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Former Member
Nov 04, 2009 at 10:38 AM

To much rows in table/subform


Hi all,

I have a very weird problem with the pdf-forms.

I commit a table to through the interface. Lets say this table contains 2 rows. In the pdf are shown 4 rows. The last two of them empty.

My pdf is build as follows:


| - Master Page

| | - Page 1

| | - Content Area

|- (untitled Subform)(page 1)

| -Subform 1

| - Subform 2

| |- lots of data fields

| - Separator

Bindings are like:

Subform 1 - $record.DATA.DATA[*]

Subform 2 - normal

data fields - to their equivalent in the data-structure

Separator - no binding, only for space

And if more then one row is in the table, some data-fields are missing in the Subform2.

I've created several forms with the same structure. All are working fine. I've compared then, there are no diffeneces (or I can't see them).

Does anyone know something abaout this described problem?

thanks and greetings from the rainy germany,