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Nov 04, 2009 at 08:53 AM

How getList and Getdetails work..few doubts


Hello all,

I have few doubts in my mind regarding the functionality of GetList and GetDetails .

I have a ZTABLE which has 300 records in it, and its child table which has 100 Records in it.

Now i created a Data Object in DOE which is download only , i specified GetList and Getdetails BAPI for these Table in DOE and triggered initial load.

In Doe there are Two structures created one for ParentTable and another for Child Table , here i can see that in Parent CDS table i have less than 300 records(In it corresponding Ztable there were 300 recorsd) why it is so.

I am fetching all the records in my GetList BAPI , then why all the 300 records have not reflected in my DOE CDS table.

Thanks & Best Regards,