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Nov 04, 2009 at 08:20 AM

Data handling between FLEX and SAP WDA


Hi folks,

I am actually looking for a best practice for data handling between FLEX and SAP WebDynpro 4 ABAP. For now I read some topics here in the forum. Referencing to the following [topic |Understanding Problem; some of you recommend to use the RFC/WS approach.

But I am asking myself if this couldn't be handled via Context connection. As I can access all data in the Context and manipulate it. So my approach would be:

1. Create Context in WDA.

2. Bind the Context to Flex.

3. Feed context with data on SAP side.

4. Create/manipulate/copy/delete/etc data in Flex

5. Push the data to the ArrayCollection (Context binding)

6. Fire WDA event in Flex

7. Catch event on WDA side, which calls method to read the Context and do some handling or s.e. with the data from the Context.

8. Exception handling

9. React on result on Flex side

10. done

As you can create any Context models, the possibilities should be nearly unlimited. You could create a Source Context, which holds data from SAP. And you could create a Target Context, which holds the modified SAP data from FLEX. Why working with the context, because of the binding and the benefit of event driven data handling.

This is just a draft out of my mind and not proven. Feel free to comment.