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Nov 04, 2009 at 06:47 AM

Problem when closing nested windows



I have nested windows popping up on my requirement.

For ex: On click of "create" button on Home page, UserDetails window is poping up. I have another window in "UserDetails" window named as "UserSearch" to search for an User. I have code to destroy the "UserSearch" window on click of "Cancel" on UserSearch window. when I click cancel, User Search window is closing sucessfully but "UserDetails" window is not closing on click of cancel in the same session.

More details: -

Home Page - >Click button " Create" - > UserDeatils Window (having Search and cancel button).-On click button Search'> UserSearchWindow popup(Having Choose and Cancel button)> click of Cancel - > userSearch window disappears > Now Click of cancel on User details-> does not close the first window (UserDeatils) though I am doing destroy instance.

Please help anyway I can destroy the first window after closing the second window on top of it.