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Nov 03, 2009 at 03:13 PM

How to get values of Dialog Overview node in RZ20



In ECC 6.0.

In T-code RZ20 when i clicked on node EC6

it showed me a tree structure with following nodes below EC6.0

System Configuration

\System Buffers

Change & Transport System

File System

Operating System

Performance Overview

System Errors

Now when i expand the tree node of "Performance Overview" another subnode comes up

"Dialog Overview " inside this node i can see

EC6\IGATESAP07_EC6_02\...\Dialog\ResponseTime 6585 msec, Red 03.11.2009 , 21:00:03

EC6\IGATESAP07_EC6_02\...\Dialog\QueueTime 0 msec , Green 03.11.2009 , 20:59:03

EC6\IGATESAP07_EC6_02\...\Dialog\Load+GenTime 19 msec , Green 03.11.2009 , 21:00:05

EC6\IGATESAP07_EC6_02\...\Dialog\DBRequestTime 108 msec , Green 03.11.2009 , 21:00:03

EC6\IGATESAP07_EC6_02\...\Dialog\UsersLoggedIn 8 , Red 03.11.2009 , 20:57:03

I want to know from which table or cache value 6585 is coming against EC6\IGATESAP07_EC6_02\...\Dialog\ResponseTime...

Is there any function module, or table or anything from where i can get this value since when ever we refresh ,value changes which indicates might be coming from cache.

how to get this value...