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Nov 03, 2009 at 03:03 PM

Custom Login Module - all modules ignored



we created a custom login module and deployed it as library to the server. We than configured the login module as described in the SAP manual:

First we had a little problem with the library path. The security log has a nice overview what login stack and what modules where called, for our module it stated u201CCannot load login module class u2026.u201D

After reading the forum, we found that our login module path was wrong, we only added the class name as described in the tutorial. Correct was to use the library name from Visual Admin.

But now, if we call the portal, the security log is just empty. It seems no stack and no module is called at all. If we remove our custom module from the ticket stack, everything is fine and we get an entry in the security log with the ticket stack and all remaining modules.

If we add the custom login module to the stack again and enter username and password we get an error message that all modules are ignored.

Does anybody know this error and maybe what to do?

Best regards,