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Nov 03, 2009 at 02:41 PM

CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Save Function problem



We are trying to create Grantor applications in SAPM CRM 6.0 using Function Module CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN.

From an ABAP program we are passing the parameters in order to recreate the same scenario that is used in the Standard SAP CRM Web to create this type of applications.

When the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN function is called the returned code is 0 (zero), we think that is no problem. Then, the CRM_ORDER_SAVE function needs to be call passing the u201CGUID of a CRM Order Objectu201D as parameter that is generated with the last order. But in this case the returned code is 1 which means u201Cdocument_not_saveu201D.

We also tried calling the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN function passing as parameters only the u201Cct_orderadm_hu201D table with the value u201CGAPu201D in the field u201Cprocess_typeu201D, and the table u201Cct_input_fieldsu201D with the value u201Corderadm_hu201D in the field u201Cobjectnameu201D; all this in order to create the u201CGUID of a CRM Order Objectu201D. And then use that GUID again in the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN function.

When calling the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN function a DUMP is generated because of the data contained in the table CT_DOC_FLOW. This dump has the type of message u201CCRM_DOC_FLOW No. 010u201D u201CDocument flow record could not be generatedu201D. The table result is:

4ABA4D7B372E0194E1008000AC137072 (Grantor ID in which the application will remain)

BUS2100010 (Business Transaction Type of Grantor application)

4AEA377815A301E6E1008000AC137072 (ID generated for the application)

BUS2000270 (Business Transaction Type)

If the ID is not sent, no error message is generated but also the record is not created.

We also test the CRM_TEST_ORDER_MAINTAIN function with the standard program passing the operation type u201CGAPu201D as parameter. But the execution of the program generates a DUMP. If the function is test with another type of operation as parameter, the program executes correctly generating the corresponding records.

If the u201CGUID of a CRM Order Objectu201D is generated calling the GUID_CREATE function, when calling the CRM_ORDER_SAVE function a DUMP is generated with type message X of class CRM_ORDER Nol 009 u201CIncorrect values in interface parametersu201D.

Please any idea to solve it.

Thanks in advanced,