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Nov 03, 2009 at 11:33 AM

Changing Header details in B2B using NWDI


Hi !

We are trying to customise the logo of the B2B webshop using NWDI in version ECO ERP 7.0 but it seems all so complicated compared to ISA 4.0. ?showmodulename=true doesn't pull up the .jsp that has the B2B logo part. Using Firebug on Firefox, we found the stylesheet that holds the information as 'stylesheet_ge.css' However, this file is specific to different browsers and it's various versions, meaning that the change needs to be done on each stylesheet. However, those files never seem to appear on the NWDI as it sits under webContent -> mimes.

Do we need to change it on the server file directly not using NWDI ? Or is there another way to do this using NWDI ? Also, I seem to not have access to quite some files on NWDI. Am I missing anything ?

Best regards,