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Nov 03, 2009 at 11:15 AM

Problem when select data from S992 infostructure


Hi All,

I am getting one strange issue when I select data from S992 infostructure.

I maintain the quota allocation for product on weekly basis in MC94 which adds the data in S992 structure.

Suppose I create three entries for particular product from week 45.2009 to 47.2009 and for all week I put in same quantity as 10.

but when i run the select query it returns only one record instead of 3 records for three weeks 45,46 and 47.

but on other end when i maintain three different quantlty say 10,11,12 for three weeks then select query works correctly and returns three records.

Is this something related to the S992 configuration for key figure of structure S992.

Please provide your inputs.