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Nov 03, 2009 at 08:56 AM

Configuraion of Collective Shipment


Dear All

The problem is related to shipment which is as follows :

We have two Different loading points for example SH01(Mfg Plant 01) & SH02 (Mfg Plant 02) and they have separate transportation planning points TP01 & TP02 respectively.Different goods are loaded in a single container (15MT) from both the loading points and these will be delivered in 3 different destination points in Ghaziabad , Delhi & Kanpur of which Delhi is the farthest.The flat rate fixed as transportation cost is Rs. 50000 + Rs.1000 as unloading charge each for the 3 respective destination points i.e. Rs. 3000,so the total becomes Rs.53000.

Now I want the system to distribute this transportation cost proportionately for respective deliveries depending on the destination wise total weight of different goods loaded from the two different loading points i.e. SH01 & SH02 respectively.The requirement is explained with an example which is as follows -

Destn - Ghaziabad Kanpur Delhi Total Cost : Rs.53000/-

Delv Nos - 8/1 8/2 8/3 This cost need to be

Weight - 100kg 300kg 500kg distributed for the three propntly

Though I read about collective shipment but it is not very clear to me.

Please provide some valuable suggestions regarding the following queries:

1. What will be the Shipping Type config details

2. What are the routes to be created (pls provide details inside route definition)

3. What are the Preliminary Legs / Subsequent Legs / Main Legs (where to use details)

4. Also kindly provide other requiremnt missed out if any


Animesh Chakraborty