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Nov 03, 2009 at 08:22 AM

Data recorded in 04 insp type has to copy to delivery lot automatically


Dear Experts,

We have requirement, when we do result recording for Production Inspection Lot [ 04 Insp Type] all the results has to be copyied to Delivery Inspection Lot [Insp Type 10]. Here Batch for both the lots are same.

1] we are creating Production order after release 04 Lot will triggers for the Batch.

2] Then for the same batch which has created in the Production we are going to deliver partly, Means this batch will spilt to 4 to 5 Delivery.

3] While doing PGI Delivery Inspection lot gets generates [Insp type 10] here system has to copy all the results values which have recorded at the time Production Result recoding in to Delivery Inspcection Lot.

Please provide me the solution.