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Nov 03, 2009 at 06:46 AM

WMS storage location control


Dear All,

I have one Plant(0001) and two storage location(0090,0091) and one WHno(001).

interim storage type 902 Goods Receipt area.

0090 is set as a TR will not copy storage location.

0091 is set as a Standard Storage location.

I am doing GR for 0001 plant and 0090 Storage location.

After posting it will craete quant in 902 styp and 4500011 bin.

Now my TR will not get 0090 as per above settings.

So it will take standard Storage location 0091 and will create

-ve quant in 0091 and also +ve quant in 0091.

Then what will happen and how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.