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Oct 23, 2018 at 11:55 AM

ODATA Deep Insert Vs Change set End - Processing multiple entries at once


Hello Experts,

I do understand that the topic of processing multiple payload entries at one ago during thee POST operation of OData has been discussed here multiple times. But, I would like to understand a bit more.

I am using NW GWFND 7.4 and I am thinking of two options.

1) Deep Insert option where it allows us to process the records in an iteration with a wrapper entity set encapsulating the child entity set.

2) Buffering the records in the Create Entity set and collect the buffered entries in Change Set End method to execute the necessary operations.

I am trying to understand the Pros/Cons of the above two options and at the same time would like to know if there would also be a change in the way UI5 layer should process the data depending on how we build ?

While I read the old posts and came across the above two options; I would like your opinion in terms of suggesting the best practice here to handle this situation.

Also - why did SAP not provide an option "CREATE ENTITYSET" ? Could this be linked to the HTTP Timeout parameters ? If yes - isn't it the same with Deep Insert option as well ?

Please share your thoughts !