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Nov 03, 2009 at 06:15 AM

New Company Code for 2LIS_03_UM Setup after initial


Dear Gurus,

When we run setup table for 2LIS_03_UM, we need to 1.delete initial thread of BX and UM 2.key in company code.

My problem is..after our BI system goes live, we would open new company code.

For example, at this moment we have 100 company codes in SAP ERP.

But after BI system goes live, we would probably include other companies.

When we have other company codes in our ERP, what should I do for this UM setup?

Do I need to run this setup table for the new company code?

But the BI system would already run for a while.

Or the new company code would automatically appear in the delta quene without keying in the setup t-tode?

Thanks for your help!