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Nov 03, 2009 at 05:31 AM

Park documents


Hi Expert,

I have just parked a document by debiting bank acct and crediting customer acct via transaction code FBV1. However, this customer acct is setup as an interco party, so there will be a trading partner required for input during posting.

When I tried to post this parked document, i got an error message : "You are required to enter Trading Partner for account 1133010000. Check More data". Under customer master data, a trading partner has been indicated. For normal posting using through AP or AR, trading partner field can be seen munder "more data". But somehow, for parked function, I can't find the trading partner field. And the system do not auto generate the trading partner details.

Please advise.

Is it because parked functions for AP & AR do not have the capability to simulate the trading partner details ? Or this there somewhere I can change to make the screen appear ?