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Nov 02, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Cannot delete a folder in DTR under "inactive" folder


HI all,

Some one in our team has uploaded some DCs in a wrong location by mistake and they are currently under a folder for instance- "XYZ" which is directly under "inactive" folder. I am not aware of the procedure they followed to do this also.

I want to delete all of these DCs, including the folder "XYZ" (which is under Track ->SC->dev->inactive). I cannot create a project out of these folders as they are not under "inactive" folder. I cannot delete them from the DTR perspective directly. I also tried to delete it using SAP note 855537 (using the web folder option), but I am getting a error saying "cannot delete folder".

Can any one tell me exactly how I can delete these DCs and folder "XYZ"??