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Nov 02, 2009 at 04:21 PM

After apply SAP_HR SP 35-48 we have customization in 000 no where else


How do most people handle this customization - Do they run comparisons with scu0 and make the changes then. Do people somehow through the spau or transport system automatically apply all configuration changes to their environment during the installation? This is our first year end on SAP and we are having a difficult time wrapping our heads around this. I would appreciate any input anyone might have.

This all came about when during testing our HR configurator was verifying a view change in V_T509F from snote 1304095 that was suppose to have gone in with SAPKE60041. We did find the change in client 000 but no where else. So being the newbies that we are we started doing research to find out what else might be out there in client 000 that needs to be looked at and copied up if needed. We plan to use the scu0 comparison tool but it seems like this method will be very time intensive. So we are interested in learning how others are handling this issue. thanks in advance!!!!